My Original Take On “Expectations of a Teenage Girl”

Hey guys! Well, I guess guys and girls to be correct… anyways…

Thank you for excusing my brief moment of inactivity! Today’s post is kind of generic… and sort of overdone… but I thought I’d put my own original spin on the topic “Expectations of a Teenage Girl.”

Now, we all know the obvious, people expect girls to be “ladylike”, which includes being polite, sympathetic, caring, intelligent…. and wait for it… submissive? Now, I don’t mean to offend the feminist movement in any way, but when did being submissive become part of the classic “ladylike” personality?

Think about it, this is 2014. Women aren’t quiet anymore. Why do people expect girls to be submissive and do whatever a guy says, but also expect them to be part of the feminist movement and stand up for themselves? The funny thing about it is, the “people” that expect this are usually girls. It’s so unbelievably contradicting!

The “good girlfriend” stereotype, created by girls, (also extremely opposed by girls), involves cooking your boyfriend meals, surprising him with little gifts, hooking up with him just to cheer him up (hold on – sex is not supposed to be that one sided… It is not a gift…), allowing him to do whatever he wants, basically putting yourself on a shelf so he can pick and choose when he pays attention to you.


Of all the guys I know, including my own boyfriend, I have never ever heard them say that they don’t like opinionated girls. Never have I heard “I had a rough day, and she could tell, but she didn’t even come close to coming on to me! What is her problem man?”

So, this “expectations of girls” thing going around, is only still a thing because of girls. So I’m going to end my part in it with this post. I’m done. I’m going to be my own self, I’m not going to expect anything from other girls because what does it matter? Their life isn’t mine.

These stereotypes are something that we’ll never be able to escape from. There will always be a stereotype for what’s sexy, what’s nerdy, what’s slutty, what’s preppy. Our minds can’t help but create them. So let’s stop hating the fact that stereotypes exist, and instead make them positive.

I like being “ladylike.” I like being “nerdy.” I like being the stereotypes I fit into because I’ve made them positive. I’m nerdy – and because of that I’m well-read, a good student, scholarship worthy, and I can pull off glasses. I’m “ladylike” – and because of that I love cute dresses, am obsessed with new hairstyles, am a genuinely nice person, and am picked to lead charity work. There are perks to every stereotype, to every expectation. You just have to find them.

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