School is a Priority, but How High Up Should It Be?

Hi everyone! So I’m currently in Kentucky for a funeral, and because of that I am missing the first couple days of school. I’m also completely freaking out. because how could I not be? I’ve been taught that school comes before everything. You’re sick? Well that’s unfortunate, too bad your chemistry test doesn’t care. You have to go out of town? Ooh…bad timing… your project due date isn’t changing. You pulled an all nighter to get your homework done but didn’t finish a couple math problems? That teacher will question why you didn’t think their class was a priority. 

It’s actually pretty sad how we view school. I’ve been taught that my health, my life experiences, my family … all of those things and more come after school. School is my number one priority. But that’s not right. 

Say I had the opportunity to travel the world – to visit every single country. The catch: I’d have to leave school for a year. I would never be able to take that opportunity. I’d miss out on learning how to figure out the slope of a hyperbola! I could never replace that knowledge with world cultures and such… that wouldn’t be useful at all…right? (See my point now?) 

I’m not saying that school isn’t important, because it is. I’m also not saying that you don’t learn anything important in school, because you do. I just believe that there is so much more out there that a school could never teach you, and we should value that a little bit more. I also believe that if you’re sick, or having a family emergency, or something along those lines, you shouldn’t have to feel like you’re drowning. 

But how do we change this? 

How do we change society’s views on anything? It all starts with one person. I guess I’ll be the leader here. School and education are two different things, and we need to realize that. An educated person doesn’t have to have a PhD. Every experience you have educates you. Every mistake you make shapes your mind in the same way a lesson in class does. We as people need to realize that the world is our classroom, and that we should take advantage of that. 

Here’s my current list of life priorities: 

– My health 
– My family 
– Potential world traveling 
– Getting an education 
– School 

I want to be an extremely educated person. I want to experience different cultures around the globe. I want to be very good at whatever my future career may be. I will work to make all of that happen. And with all of that, I will be sure to focus on my personal health, my relationship with my family, and the opportunities available to me. 

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