Schedule? What schedule?

Hey guys! I apologize for the delay of this post – catching up with school really kept me busy. Today I decided I’m just going to write a little bit on how to keep your schedule organized. A lot of us are completely booked each and every day with a million different things to do. So here’s how I personally time it all out: 

Use a planner for everything. I love my planner. I write everything I have to do in it, from assignments to upcoming meetings to football games. It keeps me on track for what I need to do that night and what I should do if I have time. I usually keep mine in my backpack so I have it with me most the time. 

Calendars are your friend. I have two calendars currently: a large one that sits on my desk and then I use Google Calendar. For the one I use on my desk, I usually put in test dates, meetings, appointments, if I’m doing something with friends or family, etc. Since I do most of my homework at my desk, I see it often and end up just remembering the dates and times. I also check my Google Calendar often. I am on my phone 24/7, so having everything I need to do linked to my phone just helps me even more. It also helps me remember my work schedule since it’ll remind me when I need to leave! 

Prioritize. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to prioritize your time. If you don’t do this, it inevitably leads to procrastination – something all of us need help avoiding. When I get home, I take a Post-it note and write out what is the most important thing I need to do today, and then I order it down to the least important. That way when the clock hits 1:30am and i’m still doing homework, I can decide whether or not I should stay up and finish more or head to bed. 

I know this post was short, but I hope it helps you out a little! I’d love your feedback. 

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