She was haunted by shadows,

And no one understood,

The way they scared her,

The way she collapsed in fear.

They were relentless,

Slow moving creatures,

Whispering softly in her ear.

Why are you still here?

You shouldn’t be here.

You need to leave.

But she had nowhere to go.

So she ran, just far enough away.

The shadows couldn’t keep up,

Now she was alone.

Tears crawled down her sweet,

Soft, beautiful face.

Laying down, she began to dream.

Dreaming of a boy to take it all away,

Dreaming of a life that fear cannot be,

Wanting to know comfort.

If only she knew,

He was having the same dream.

They say one is meant for another,

While they were made for each other.

But so many problems,

So many fights,

They were so far apart,

Needing to be close.

Emotions flying high,

No solutions found,

They stay apart in their separate worlds.

If only they knew.

Shadows began coming back,

Each forming a memory.

He couldn’t stand the thought,

Couldn’t stand the sight.

She craved the idea,

Addicted to reminisce.

They were apart in their minds,

But the feeling never changed,

Needing one another,

Yet staying apart.

This could have a happy ending,

As many things do.

This could be a tragedy,

In order to cause tears.

The boy so undecided,

The girl so lost.

What is left,

But a only a thought.

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