So recently on social media, there has been a trending picture of teenage boy working at target. The picture was taken because the girl he was ringing up thought he was very attractive. Apparently, millions of other people did too.

Here’s what I don’t understand. If the roles were switched, and a guy took a picture of a girl he found extremely attractive, without informing her he was taking the picture, and posted it on social media, World War III would break out. People would scream out comments such as “that’s objectifying her” “boys can’t focus on anything but looks” “this is disgusting” “how do you think she feels about the fact that her face is all over guys phones” and so on.

Ellen would be interviewing the guy who took the picture, asking how he thought it would be okay to post something like that on social media. The feminist movement would add that as another one of their examples for unwanted catcalling. The situation in general would just be a mess.

Currently however, there are thousands of girls begging this boy to have sex with them, his face is all over the internet, he has been stalked by multiple girls, and no one has stopped to think, “hey, I’m pretty sure this is sexual harassment.” It seems that only girls can be harassed in society right now. Only girls can be objectified. When a girl posts a picture of a guy purely because of his physical appearance, it’s just something girls do. Girls will be girls I suppose, but we will forever fight for boys not to be boys.

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