“OMG you are like, soooooo pretty!”

Every girl wants to be beautiful. They want to be confident in their own skin. They want to be noticed for how pretty they are. I don’t blame them, who wants to be known as the ugly girl? I take the time to curl my hair and put make up on and wear clothes that are “cute” in today’s society too. I’m just like any other girl. But I think about it much more than the average girl. With that extra thinking, I’ve come to a single conclusion.

Beauty is subjective.

I could go around and interview a random sample of people and ask what they considered beautiful and I can guarantee you all of their answers would differ. (Maybe that should be another book idea…)

The definition of beauty changes between ethnicities; it changes between regions; it changes between genders. There are so many factors going into beauty that it is absolutely impossible to label one specific set of traits as ultimate beauty.

There’s also the classic debate between physical and mental beauty. Hey, it’s what’s on the inside that really matters, right? This may be true, but we cannot deny that our first judgements occur the first second our eyes pass over someone. In that split second, our mind makes the decision for us to introduce ourselves or to be weary of interaction.

Girls commonly complement each other – if you know the person, you are simply required to tell them that they are pretty. (This is commonly seen on Instagram, the common ground of the classic selfie.) So therefore, is beauty dependent on friendship?

Like I said, there are too many different factors to determine ultimate beauty. However, this does not mean that we should not use comparisons. For example, why are girls starving themselves to look skinny when Kim Kardashian is getting unbelievable attention for her beauty? Especially with her recent (scandalous, I must say) photo shoot, I cannot see why a girl would want to put herself through the pain of hunger to take away curvy features.

But as I previously stated, beauty is subjective. So maybe we should stop striving to be something we are not, and find the gold in ourselves.

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