Why I cry in movies

Hello all,

Today I told myself I was going to write a long, opinionated post about the Eric Garner case and the protests and riots around the world. However, as I was scrolling through Twitter and WordPress reader, I came to the conclusion that there were simply too many posts about that subject – so I’m going to talk about why I cry in movies instead. I figured it might be a bit more original.

I’m a total sucker for cheesy romance movies; movies that bring about unrealistic expectations for love. I love the movies that hit you hard with emotional scenes. There is just something incredible about a movie that makes it seem okay to feel pain. It is a concept that we often forget sometimes – that pain is a natural feeling and if it is ignored, it will evolve into a darkness that one cannot even comprehend.

I am going to give two examples of recent movies that I absolutely adore:

1. The Fault in Our Stars; when I watched the premier of this film, I had felt a type of heartbreak I didn’t even know existed.  I was crying within the first thirty minutes, and did not stop until about two hours after I left the theater. It was as if I felt each emotion that flowed through Hazel and Augustus – I was involved in their fictional love and I was completely entranced by the two of them. I found the movie beautiful not because of the love story however, I saw beauty in the pain it allowed the viewers to feel. It did not romanticize cancer or death. It wrecked you inside and then told you that it was okay, because pain is a natural feeling. Like the movie said, pain demands to be felt.

2. If I Stay; this movie caught me off guard. I did not expect to cry at the parts I did. You would think that the tear-jerking scenes would be those where she is fighting for her life or where she experiences the death of all of her family members. I did not shed a tear in these scenes, instead my mind focused on the scene where she is heartbroken by the idea of leaving her boyfriend for college. This is something that I can relate to in an unbelievable sense – the fear and pain that comes along with leaving a boy you are in love with is absolutely horrible; it rips the heart to shreds. I have this fear and this pain, my heart is slowly breaking as each day passes by, and so when I saw the tears roll down her cheeks I felt them roll down mine as well. We were together in our heartbreak, and for once I felt at peace because I was not alone. The pain was natural.

Movies are incredible, they can spread messages to entire populations and can help form social norms in a generation. Film can also act as a therapy; it can show you that it knows your struggle and can suffer with you, film will be on your side in the fight. This is why I am so in love with cheesy romance movies, because they teach people that pain can be a beautiful thing.

2 thoughts on “Why I cry in movies

  1. I also love how powerful film is. Some movies can just be so inspiring and it’s hard to say why. I also like what you say about how movies can “teach people that pain can be a beautiful thing.” I feel like as I’m exposed to more and more, I’m starting to see the beauty in certain types of pain.


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