Education – why you should stop complaining about school

Hello everyone… I feel the need to apologize for my absence. I don’t necessarily have a reason for it, but hopefully all of my readers can forgive me. I have a topic I’ve been dying to write about. So let’s get to it.

Education. It is one of the most controversial topics in the United States. Should there be a national curriculum? Should schools run all year? Are P.E classes taking away precious hours that could be spent on core subjects? Should prayer be allowed? There are so many questions that constantly take over political conversations. I cannot give you a proper answer to any of those questions because I do not have enough facts to back up my opinion. I can however tell you why kids my age need to stop complaining about going to school every day.

I get it. Waking up at 5:30 each morning and going to school for 7 hours is not exactly the most enjoyable way to spend your day. I don’t like the sleep deprivation that comes with it. I also don’t like that after spending 7 hours there I bring home 7 more hours of work to do at home. So yes, I definitely understand how annoying going to school can be. I also have come to appreciate it though.

You see, there are many countries where girls are still uneducated. There are many countries whose education systems don’t go past the equivalent of our middle schools. The American education system is superior to many around the world and that is something that needs to be acknowledged.

I am sure most of you heard of Malala. A young girl who was shot in the head while fighting for education for girls. There are others just like Malala who must fight for their right to education. In the states, it is freely handed to you. Just for being a United States citizen, you receive every opportunity to get the highest education possible. Yes, college is extremely expensive here, but at least we have it… and we are blessed to have some of the most highly recognized universities in the world. Again, it is something that needs to be acknowledged.

There are quite a few concepts that could use some tweaking in the American education system. I do believe that. I also believe that when you are about to ask why you need to learn something, or why you need to go to school, you should remember that some kids don’t have the choice to go.

There are students I know that shouldn’t even be labeled as students – they never attend class, they never receive the education they could be, they don’t learn the material. They are simply entities that arrive when they are told that they legally have to in order to avoid truancy. I wish I could force them to read Malala’s book, because maybe then they would understand how good they have it.

Why give up education? People are literally dying around the world fighting to have what we have… the least we can do is take advantage of the opportunities presented to us. Use education to make something of yourself. Use it to be something.

5 thoughts on “Education – why you should stop complaining about school

  1. I studied in America when I was fifteen and wow, it was a shock to the system. You guys just do things so differently! However, I do agree with you now that I’ve been through high school and I’m in university. I always took my education and rights for granted.

    I live in New Zealand, so we have a pretty good system and I’ve never had any problems with my rights/beliefs being challenged in a personal or professional setting. There are so many people who go to class and just sit on their phone or Facebook for the whole lecture, and I’m just sitting there asking myself why those people even bother. That being said, education just isn’t for some people. I have met those people and they are absolutely lovely, smart people, but if they had gone into university they would have drowned. These are people who own their businesses, have houses and make a fair amount of money, too.

    I was a person who constantly complained about going to class (or skipped it altogether) until I found a course that ‘clicked’ with me. Some people never find that or they find their ‘click’ in the real world. I’ve always said that knowledge is power, but ‘knowledge’ can be applied to more than just the education that we receive within a curriculum.


  2. I was so happy that I follow someone who posted about this topic! I get so frustrated when people say they hate school or don’t appreciate the education that they recieved. I could go on and on on a rant….I appreciate this post so much! Thank you!


  3. people complain mainly because it is a massive waste of time. You have a school system thats an absolute joke and doesnt teach you anything important other than math. There is no reason to do any of the work at school considering it doesnt lead into anything just a grade that gets put into your zangle. No reason to do work other than grades, you dont learn anything. If you have a decent teacher (which is very rare) you will learn alot of things but all the teachers are asshats so good luck having decent classes. Also never bring up the argument “somewun in africar dusnt even have watur so you shuldnt feel bad” that never makes anyone feel better. Maybe school is so shit for me because i didnt take any AP classes, but why bother when you arent even sure what jobs you are interested in.


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