A terrorist’s religion

Earlier this day, there was an attack on the Kenyan University of Garissa. As the story is being told, it seems as though a group of men stormed the University dorms and questioned the students, asking if they were Christian or Muslim. If he or she claimed to be Muslim, they were set free. If he or she claimed to be Christian, they were shot and killed on the spot.

No one can deny this is a hate crime. However, the question going around is whether or not it is a religiously motivated crime.

Here’s my opinion: absolutely not. There is no crime that can be motivated by religion, because no religion condones violence against others. The inhumane acts that are preformed by these extremist groups are simply motivated by hate. It is impossible to say that a type of God told them to act that way. The hate is brainwashed into the group members by the few extremists that have been hurt by the world around them.

If you are a terrorist, then you have no religion. You worship pain, you thirst for hurt, you pray for sorrow. There is no humanity in you. If you believed in a God, then you would have completely shut him or her out.

If you are a terrorist, you have no faith. You are simply an entity on this earth who searches for souls to prey upon. You do not have any light of God in you, no matter how many religious acts you participate in.

If you are a terrorist, your mind has been twisted by a section of society that works to hurt the rest of us. You are not kind, you are not humble, you are not following the word of any God.

If you are a terrorist… then I hope someone can show you the true path of religion, because you were led astray by someone else. I hope that you can discover a sense of morality and humanity because someone else has taken it from you. I pray that you will be led to a section of society that promotes peace, because currently, your “religion” is only causing war.

6 thoughts on “A terrorist’s religion

  1. What about when the pope sent several hundred thousand soldiers to Palestine during the crusades? Or the fact that ISIS declares this war as a jihad and and extermination of infidels? Or the fact that they’re exterminating people of a different religion? How is that not religious motivated violence. The Quran says to kill idolators. Which that interpretation has been twisted in the minds of evil men, yet still use the religion as a source of recruitment and attack execution. I disagree and feel that those crimes are completely motivated by religion


    • They are not motivated by religion because there is no religion that compels someone to do acts of terror. Terrorist groups act in a way where they take a piece of a religious concept and twist it to fit their mentality. Just because you go to church does not make you a religious person, just as saying you are doing something in the name of Allah doesn’t mean that you actually are doing it to protect the Muslim faith.


      • Religion is not like running a race, where everything is precisely measured, the course is laid out for the runners, and he who crosses the finish line first wins and there is no dispute. Religion is more like figure skating, there are not clearly defined lines and winners and losers of that sport are up to the interpretation of the judges. Religion does not lay out what it’s followers can and can’t do. All that is left to interpretation. Some factions of certain religions have interpreted the previous citation as a religious quest to extinguish those who do not see the world as they do. Such as the goals of the Islamic State are to extinguish those who do not share their beliefs. Claiming to do violence in the name of God or whoever, is using religion as a weapon, recruiting tool, and motivation for suicide attacks. The western world has not faced an enemy this fanatical in the defense in their beliefs in the history of mankind. The only ones who have come close were the Japanese during WWII, and they were motivated by bushido. The fighters we face today, are brutal, show no mercy, and upon completion of their mission which is almost always their death, they are promised lavish riches in heaven. Is this not their “religion” that they are fighting to defend? They are killing to force their religion on other people. If I was not religious, why would I attend a house of faith? If they were not trying to protect their faith, then why announce that they are doing it in defense of their beliefs. Radical extreme religions are still religion based on interpretation of those individuals to exploit personal gain. This is my opinion.


      • I understand your opinion, however I disagree wholeheartedly. Since religion can be defined – and every religion can be boiled down to one simple rule: treat others how you would like others to treat you. so therefore, be kind to others and act in a humble manner. EVERY religion can be defined by this rule. By becoming a murderer, you are not a follower of God, therefore you are not a Christian. Just as becoming a part of the Islamic State and murdering innocent people in the name of Allah does not make you a Muslim, since the Islamic religion would never condone that. By becoming part of a terrorist group, you are giving up any participation in the true form of religion.


  2. The bible commands the killing of nonbelievers in the Old Testament. 2 Chronicles 15:12-13. If it has to be boiled down. It also commands many other crimes that people may be put to death for that are completely outdated by today’s standards. Not to mention God’s own acts of violence. The murder of every first born in the Egyptian Empire, pushing all life on Earth to near extinction. Now no one knows where science comes into this but purely referencing the bible. Religion does condone violence and even rewards it’s with passage into heaven. Again these are citations, and represent my viewpoint.


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