Baltimore: the purge

If any of you have been watching the news lately, you would have seen that Baltimore has basically gone up in flames. Protests for a young man, Freddie Gray, who died in police custody have turned extremely violent. Simple marching has escalating to the looting of stores, throwing bricks at police and journalists, setting buildings on fire….. some of these events can be seen from the pictures below, which have been taken from


These pictures show unrest in all possible ways. It is obvious that residents of Baltimore are outraged with their police force, which possibly has stemmed from the recent protests for men such as Mike Brown and Eric Garner. However, it is also obvious that within these riots is pure violence. These photos show rage, confidence, a sick determination to overcome…. but overcome what? By hurting other residents of Baltimore, what are these riots achieving?

The people rioting and hurting the innocent are the same ones fighting for equality, and losing. The people destroying stores and police cars are the same ones preaching the words of MLK. The people breaking glass and disrupting neighborhoods are the same ones begging for peace. If that isn’t counterproductive, I don’t know what is.

Equality is not considered an eye for an eye or getting even, it is simply just being respected as the same. Killing a police officer for every black man who has been a victim of police violence will not create a world of peace. Basing this entire issue on race will not bring us all together.

I do not support police because I am white.

I am not against the Black Lives Matter movement just because I support police.

I am simply against corruption and for human rights.

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