To my future daughter…

To my future daughter,

I want you to know that the world is beautiful.

It is here and nowhere else that butterflies are free to fly and elephants roam about.

The world is beautiful all around because it is here where you may always live in curiosity,

Because here you shall never be disappointed when you are striving to learn.

Little girl, the world is so beautiful,

Because it is here that flowers bloom every year and colorful leaves fall above you.

Baby girl, I hope you always see this beauty,

Because only here can you dance in the piazzas of Venice and stand in awe at the beauty of Paris.

My pretty girl, I will not lie, this world is not only filled with beauty.

It will hurt you, push you, kick you.

But this world is forgiving and this world is kind.

It will pick you up and encourage you to fly.

So, my beautiful girl, please listen to me now,

This world is yours to live in and yours to share.

Your beauty exists to mix with the butterflies and elephants and piazzas and create this amazing place.

To my future daughter, take what I have learned,

Dance in the rain and sing with the birds,

Because you are so beautiful and your world is too.


A poem: Infinite

what would you say if I told you I was infinite?
would you laugh at me and kiss my face,
or would you look into me deeply and understand
my soul
and how it yearns for you
and screams for you
and aches for you?
if I explained that it was your love
that allows my existence
would you put your arms
around my waist
or rather
around my throat?
and when I put my lips to your ear
and whisper my heart to you
will you take in my words
and let them swallow you whole,
consuming every part of you?
but also, when I ask you to watch
the sun go down
will you tell me to stay with you for the night
to watch it come back up again?
baby please, I’m begging you to tell me,
will you love me forever
and hold me tonight
and each and every night to come?
my dear, if you would, I will live forever,
because my infinity is you.

Borrowed lungs

I look upon big cities
and hear thundering trains
and I can feel soft snowflakes
falling upon my face

I watch lights flash on
filling the world with cheer
and I wonder what you would say
if you were still here

I loved hearing you speak
even after your voice was gone
and I loved how your face lit up
when we told stories until dawn

I remember when you saw your name in lights
and you continued to keep thanking me
but deep down I knew
the truth, you could clearly see

You were my inspiration
my starring piece
but I’d give back every recognition
to be able to extend your lease

That next pair of lungs was borrowed
as was so much more
but after that day
the fight was worse than before

Your eyes closed as I fought for my breath
and you slipped away into sweet, sweet death.


She was haunted by shadows,

And no one understood,

The way they scared her,

The way she collapsed in fear.

They were relentless,

Slow moving creatures,

Whispering softly in her ear.

Why are you still here?

You shouldn’t be here.

You need to leave.

But she had nowhere to go.

So she ran, just far enough away.

The shadows couldn’t keep up,

Now she was alone.

Tears crawled down her sweet,

Soft, beautiful face.

Laying down, she began to dream.

Dreaming of a boy to take it all away,

Dreaming of a life that fear cannot be,

Wanting to know comfort.

If only she knew,

He was having the same dream.

They say one is meant for another,

While they were made for each other.

But so many problems,

So many fights,

They were so far apart,

Needing to be close.

Emotions flying high,

No solutions found,

They stay apart in their separate worlds.

If only they knew.

Shadows began coming back,

Each forming a memory.

He couldn’t stand the thought,

Couldn’t stand the sight.

She craved the idea,

Addicted to reminisce.

They were apart in their minds,

But the feeling never changed,

Needing one another,

Yet staying apart.

This could have a happy ending,

As many things do.

This could be a tragedy,

In order to cause tears.

The boy so undecided,

The girl so lost.

What is left,

But a only a thought.


Walls I had built up

to keep you distanced, the hurt

I had been scarred.

You never had seen, never had noticed,

the pieces of me falling apart.

Crumbling fast, with each fallen tear.

Running was all I could think of,

Fast, faster, fastest.

I left, my trail silent,

Invisible to your eyes.

To myself I kept…

for a long time I could not immerse myself in the beauty of the world.

Not just yet.

One day, I will. I told myself constantly.

Once I don’t hurt, once the pain vanishes.

The ghost of you followed me,

the haunts of my past were haunting my present and future.

Again I ran. Faster than before.

Stares grasped my body, but my mind was sure.

I had to get away from you,

Or never would I let you go.

Moving on is hard,

distancing the closeness.

My walls now have cracks, holes;

from the cannons you had shot on them.

I am now strong, stronger than before.

The walls are not needed.

For i have brought them down with your surrender.

You are gone. And I am okay.

Writing prompt…

“A man jumps from the fortieth story of a building. As he is passing the twenty-eighth floor, he hears a phone ring and regrets that he jumped. Why?”

Scott had lost everything that day. Any emotion, any thought, any reasoning, everything. It was late, the snow was coming down in piles, never ending. Everything around him was frozen, as if he was in a winter palace. There was a beauty to it all, seeing the glimmer and sparkle of every objects reflection. Yet that night, the beauty was stained… tainted.

It had been a long day, taking his wife and daughter to the winter ice festival. Jenna was only eight years old at the time, but she had a magical fascination with the sculptures. She imagined that each one had a spirit inside, waiting to melt away and break free to an eternal kingdom. That is how she imagined most people were as well. Just spirits living inside a body, waiting to be freed.

It wasn’t his fault, no, he had just lost control. The car slipped on a thick sheet of ice, refusing to budge, throwing itself into the guardrail. The grey color was covered in a sheet of metallic white, which gradually darkened into a red-black.

Scott was left alone with nothing but his own spirit. He was isolated, hated, and was forced into the idea that he pushed the two people that took up his heart into the grim reaper’s hands. He closed himself off from anyone who attempted to help him – he was gone beyond repair. His heart was torn to shreds, everything ripping him apart. His mind was lost in the dark, begging him to set his spirit free. That day, he listened.

As the brick rushed past him, and he began to embrace the upcoming concrete, he heard a familiar tone – one he had been waiting months for. Then he realized.

It was the hospital.

His daughter had woken up.

What life has given

Life isn’t giving me free trips to different cities;
Life isn’t giving me an explanation of itself.
Here’s why I stay: to fulfill man made promises
Here’s why I leave: to explore all that is beyond me
I light up with the smiles of another culture,
And my heart darkens when it comes across a mind with no open doors, too scared to let anyone in.