20 things I will do

I had a teacher last year who forced us to write 20 things we will do in our lifetime. Looking back, it was one of the best assignments I had ever completed. It was a list that made you really think about what you aspire to be and what you truly want out of the life you were given. I still have the sheet of paper that I wrote my list on – it hangs above my desk so I can read it each and every day. It is my inspiration to keep going; because of that, I decided to share my list with you. Here it is:

1. Ride an elephant

2. Eat a meal that I don’t think I would usually try, such as escargot.

3. Swim with sea turtles (COMPLETED!)

4. Study abroad

5. Be able to say “I made it – I’m accomplished.”

6. Change someone’s perspective

7. Have a son and name him Luke

8. Have a daughter and teach her what it is like to always love

9. Get a tattoo

10. Visit every continent, including Antarctica

11. Write a short story

12. Learn how to dance

13. Win an award

14. Fall in love with a man and have a ridiculously happy wedding

15. Have a chalkboard wall in my house and cover it with quotes that I love

16. Give my time to those less fortunate than I

17. Have a conversation with someone who is homeless; make them laugh

18. Go on a spontaneous trip with someone I love

19. Make enough money to take my Dad on a trip with me

20. Find a way to prove to him that I love him, and make him proud of me.

21. Adopt a dog from the humane society (multiple dogs are okay too)

22. Buy my mom and stepdad a very expensive bottle of wine, then sit down and drink the entire thing with them

I know I had a couple more than 20, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing to have a lot of goals! I encourage you all to write your own lists, and if you do, send me the link! I would love to read them. This truly is one of the best ways to really reflect and get to know yourself a little bit better.



Walls I had built up

to keep you distanced, the hurt

I had been scarred.

You never had seen, never had noticed,

the pieces of me falling apart.

Crumbling fast, with each fallen tear.

Running was all I could think of,

Fast, faster, fastest.

I left, my trail silent,

Invisible to your eyes.

To myself I kept…

for a long time I could not immerse myself in the beauty of the world.

Not just yet.

One day, I will. I told myself constantly.

Once I don’t hurt, once the pain vanishes.

The ghost of you followed me,

the haunts of my past were haunting my present and future.

Again I ran. Faster than before.

Stares grasped my body, but my mind was sure.

I had to get away from you,

Or never would I let you go.

Moving on is hard,

distancing the closeness.

My walls now have cracks, holes;

from the cannons you had shot on them.

I am now strong, stronger than before.

The walls are not needed.

For i have brought them down with your surrender.

You are gone. And I am okay.

A little introduction…

My name is Katelyn. As a current senior in high school, I have the luxury of dealing with college applications, months of anxiousness, the final year living at home, and so much more. A lot of things come a long in the life of the student. That’s what this site is going to be about. Everything that may come my way I will share with you. There are some interesting stories that can be shared from a student’s perspective, and I believe the world needs some more of those.