Why is “feminism” such a dirty word?

“Feminism” and “Rape Culture” have become extremely popular topics in the media. Making the cover of Time and consistently shown in trending hashtags on twitter, they have become well-known concepts, loved by some, hated by many. But why? Why have these two topics become associated with hate and ugly discrimination? It seems that as with any equality movement, the people most often arguing against it don’t actually understand it.

Feminism and Rape Culture are being associated with matriarchy and the pushing down of men. Their supporters are being portrayed as man-haters and insane women with no concept of reality. This, however often it is shown, is quite far from the truth. Feminism is as much for men as it is for women. Feminism gives opportunity to those fighting to break from the chains of stereotypes. It gives them the ability to be free from any expectations of how they should act and what they should do in their lifetime – it gives all of those people the gift of choice.

Agreeing wholeheartedly with Emma Watson’s speech to the UN for the HeForShe campaign, feminism may not be the correct word for the movement, but it is the concept that people should focus on. The idea that we may all be able to pave our own paths through life. It is an idea that is long overdue to be put into action.

I am a feminist, and I fight for equal rights between men and women. Matriarchy nor patriarchy are the correct ways of life – and neither one should be fought for. Men and women both have their own struggles. We, as people, should work together to help each other. A concept often preached but never practiced.