20 things I will do

I had a teacher last year who forced us to write 20 things we will do in our lifetime. Looking back, it was one of the best assignments I had ever completed. It was a list that made you really think about what you aspire to be and what you truly want out of the life you were given. I still have the sheet of paper that I wrote my list on – it hangs above my desk so I can read it each and every day. It is my inspiration to keep going; because of that, I decided to share my list with you. Here it is:

1. Ride an elephant

2. Eat a meal that I don’t think I would usually try, such as escargot.

3. Swim with sea turtles (COMPLETED!)

4. Study abroad

5. Be able to say “I made it – I’m accomplished.”

6. Change someone’s perspective

7. Have a son and name him Luke

8. Have a daughter and teach her what it is like to always love

9. Get a tattoo

10. Visit every continent, including Antarctica

11. Write a short story

12. Learn how to dance

13. Win an award

14. Fall in love with a man and have a ridiculously happy wedding

15. Have a chalkboard wall in my house and cover it with quotes that I love

16. Give my time to those less fortunate than I

17. Have a conversation with someone who is homeless; make them laugh

18. Go on a spontaneous trip with someone I love

19. Make enough money to take my Dad on a trip with me

20. Find a way to prove to him that I love him, and make him proud of me.

21. Adopt a dog from the humane society (multiple dogs are okay too)

22. Buy my mom and stepdad a very expensive bottle of wine, then sit down and drink the entire thing with them

I know I had a couple more than 20, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing to have a lot of goals! I encourage you all to write your own lists, and if you do, send me the link! I would love to read them. This truly is one of the best ways to really reflect and get to know yourself a little bit better.


Just your average “I need to work out but I don’t have time” post

Hi everyone! So as a full time student I’m pretty busy, but with the added in volunteer work, student government, national honor society, work, plus social events, my schedule is absolutely booked! However, if I’ve learned anything from being a Lauren Conrad blog fanatic, it’s that everyone needs to make time for a quality workout. So I thought I’d let you guys know how I make time (and give myself motivation) to workout! 

First off, Get a great workout playlist. Thankfully, I have a friend who makes awesome mixes on Soundcloud! (Check it out: https://soundcloud.com/nate-schwalm) My current favorite is his welcome week playlist – truly meant for partying, considering it’s part of his “turn up” collection. But hey, use it for motivation to look stunning in the leggings & crop top! 

Second, Set a routine workout time. Since I usually shower right before I go to bed, I like to workout later at night. On weeknights I’ll set my workout time for 10pm to about 10:45, which is great for a quick full body workout! I get most of my workouts from either copying my volleyball conditioning or from Lauren Conrad’s fitness posts. (I told you guys, I’m obsessed.) It’s always a good idea to set an alarm for your workout time to give yourself a little reminder to head over to the treadmill. 

Third, Get someone else involved. I got my boyfriend and my mom involved with my workouts. I don’t actually workout with them, but when I’m feeling lazy, I know I can count on them to push me to workout and eat healthy! Getting your parents, sibling, or roommate involved is always a good idea because they can discourage the chips you’re pulling out of the cabinet and instead encourage some chocolate covered almonds or veggie chips. It’s also nice to have someone be aware of your workout schedule so they can either join you or remind you about it. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in everything around me that I completely lose track of time – having someone around to pull me back to solid ground is great! 

I hope this helped out a little bit – you can comment any questions/suggestions, and I’d also love to hear what you do to stay healthy!

p.s., check out Lauren Conrad’s blog at laurenconrad.com, and I really recommend Nate’s Soundcloud mixes!